Innovation, change, technology to dominate discussions at CAIS 19


Innovation and change have already changed the world but will continue to do so at an unprecedented rate for years to come, Chris Duggan, vice president, Dart Enterprises, told delegates in his opening remarks at the annual Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS), being held in Grand Cayman this week.

He noted the challenge that while innovation is changing at a remarkable pace, human nature is not and that presents a key challenge going forward. To illustrate this, he noted that while the challenges of the Trump administration in the US and Brexit in the UK were key talking points last year, they will be again this year.

He explained that the conference would cover fundamental shifts in innovation and transformational shifts in how society operates and how they way in which business will change.

Alden McLaughlin, premier of the Cayman Islands, also welcomed delegates noting that technology is crucial to the future and will be both an enabler and a disrupter to the financial services industry in the future. He said that Cayman intends to play a key role in developing the required regulatory framework required to allow it to keep pace with these events and help develop new markets. He also noted that the country is looking to open offices representing the Cayman Islands in Hong Kong and Washington DC in the future to facilitate this.

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