Cayman Alternative Investment Summit could become annual event


The Cayman Alternative Investment Summit taking place this week (Feb 12 and 13) represents just part of a wider strategy by DART Enterprises designed to continue to develop the Cayman Islands as a global business and financial services hub.

This also means that the conference could become an annual event, Chris Duggan, event organiser and vice president of DART Enterprises, told Cayman Funds Magazine.

The DART Group, owned by billionaire Kenneth Dart, who is now a Cayman resident, has already invested billions in the islands, most notably perhaps in the development of the $1 billion Camana Bay business district.

Speaking at the summit, Duggan said there is much more investment in the pipeline. The DART group is in the process of building a new $300 million hotel and is committed to the investment of another $1 billion over the next two decades, he said.

He said DART’s backing of the Cayman Investment Summit, which boasts Sir Richard Branson and Al Pacino as keynote speakers this year, represents part of the corporation’s strategy to develop Cayman and put it on the map.

“DART has invested billions into Cayman and we will invest much more in to future. The goal is to help develop Cayman into a jurisdiction of choice – a great place to visit, a great place to do business and a great place to invest in,” Duggan said.

“My role is to achieve that. This conference is just part of a wider strategy of community engagement and investments.”

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