More tourism would complement financial services sector


A substantial programme of investment and community engagement projects spearheaded by DART Enterprises are designed to help develop all elements of the Cayman Islands’ attraction as a destination.

DART Enterprises, part of the DART Group, hopes to help balance the economy in the process.

DART has been one of the major backers of the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit taking place this week (Feb 12 and 13) but Chris Duggan, event organiser and vice president of DART Enterprises, told Cayman Funds Magazine that a focus on financial services represents just one part of the company’s strategy.

“We believe that Cayman has a great story to tell,” he said. “The financial services industry is already well established in Cayman and we think it can grow more. But we are also very interested in developing other areas of the economy and creating a better balance. We think tourism also has great potential, which is part of the reason DART is making a $300 million investment in a new hotel on the island.

“We think that enhancing the tourism industry will complement some of the other sectors making Cayman a place that people want to come for a variety of reasons. It will be mutually beneficial.”

Duggan said that the Cayman Investment Summit was one of six or seven projects he was working on, all designed to enhance Cayman’s offering to the world.

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