New cybersecurity platform launched for asset managers


ThreatAware has launched a new software platform aimed at asset managers designed to allow directors with no specialist IT skills to monitor the whole of their cybersecurity.

ThreatAware says its platform allows board members and senior managers to check the cybersecurity status of all their critical systems and software, and compliance with policies and procedures at the same time.

A dashboard provides visibility, alerting users to threats, making it clear what actions need to be taken and by whom, and keeping records for compliance purposes.

ThreatAware is designed for asset managers and other financial and professional services firms where cybersecurity monitoring and compliance are critical. It makes it easier to comply with GDPR and other standards and can be tailored for FCA-regulated firms.

Jon Abbott, CEO of ThreatAware, said: “Cybersecurity is now a key business risk and financial services firms which hold large amounts of client data are a particular target.

“Cybersecurity is not the sole preserve of the IT department, but a company-wide challenge. While tools such as firewalls and anti-virus software are critical, firms also need the right policies, procedures and staff training in place alongside them. ThreatAware allows directors to keep track of all these different aspects, simplifying compliance and providing peace of mind.”

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