CBA and Cayman Finance join forces at Summer Social


The Caymanian Bar Association (CBA) and Cayman Finance joined forces at the CBA’s Annual Student Chapter Lecture and Summer Social on August 10.

The lecture was hosted by Ogier and was followed by a social at The King’s Head in Camana Bay. The annual lecture delivered by Jude Scott, chief executive officer of Cayman Finance, who focused on the strength and importance of the Cayman Islands as a premier global financial hub efficiently connecting law abiding users and providers of capital and financing around the world benefitting developed and developing countries.

Playing a vital role in the economy, financial services annually contributes around $1.5 billion to the Cayman Islands’ GDP and over half of Government’s annual revenue. Scott also provided insight into the complexities surrounding Brexit and how it could impact the local financial industry.

Scott said: “Cayman Finance was honoured to have an opportunity to leverage our relationship with the CBA to communicate these important messages to the students and respond to their insightful questions.”

Abraham Thoppil, CBA president, hailed that Scott’s address was “invaluable in providing student members with an appreciation of the importance of our financial services industry and how global events impact our Islands.”

The opportunity to network at The King’s Head was described as “incredible” and “great” by both the students in attendance and senior practitioners alike. The students engaged in deeper discussion around the presentation with each other and practitioners in attendance and deepened their connections, which it is hoped will only strengthen the legal industry in the future.

Next on the CBA’s agenda is the Annual CBA Gala to be held at the Marriott on 10 September, 2016.

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