Mourant welcomed 11 Caymanian students to offices


Offshore law firm, Mourant, welcomed 11 Caymanian students over the course of the summer in the Cayman Islands office for its Summer Internship Programme.

The Programme provides hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in a career in the offshore legal industry. It enables students to work alongside lawyers in funds, finance and commercial litigation, or within the Governance Services, Human Resources and Business Development & Marketing teams to gain an understanding of how the business operates on a day to day basis. The interns had the opportunity to practice and polish their presentation skills in front more than 35 employees from the firm, presenting the “Case for Offshore”.

Leah Archibold, returning intern said: “I have completed three consecutive summers as an intern at Mourant. During this time, I’ve worked alongside the Business Development & Marketing team. One of my main reasons why I re-apply to be a summer intern, is not only the warm and friendly atmosphere, but also to have the opportunity to work hands-on in the field where I am studying and with a team where they are passionate about their work. I highly recommend students to join the summer internship programme, not only for the work experience but to also be a part of team Mourant.”

The firm also once again partnered with Cayman Finance on its fifth annual Student Education & Work Experience Programme, which has been completed by approximately 250 students over the past four years. The two students who joined from the programme are enrolled at UCCI and CIFEC. The remaining nine students were either completing a degree internationally or enrolled locally at Truman Bodden Law School or UCCI, two of whom are expected to graduate later this year.

Hayden Isbister, Cayman Islands Managing Partner said: “We’re dedicated to supporting the young people in our community. It’s great to see so many familiar faces with our five returning summer students, and we’re delighted to see a number of new joiners as well. We hope that our Summer Internship Programme has provided these talented individuals with a different perspective of the financial services industry and we certainly hope to see them again next year.”

Cristal Garro Prado, intern from the Cayman Finance programme commented: “My experience with Mourant was amazing, I got to work with very knowledgeable and kind people, and I have learned so many things with what happens behind the scenes with a successful business. Team work and determination are two things I found really valuable, and I believe that the skills I have developed here at Mourant are transferable to my near future life and career.”

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