Lucena partners with Wall Street Horizon on new platform


Lucena partners with Wall Street Horizon on new platform

Lucena Research, a specialist in predictive analytics for financial markets, and Wall Street Horizon, the leading provider of corporate earnings and events data to institutional investors, have launched a new combined offering designed to deliver actionable signals for investment.

Lucena’s Data Analytics Suite hosts a collection of data sets ready for consumption by investment professionals. Wall Street Horizon’s signals have been validated by Lucena’s artificial intelligence engine and are now available for assessment and consumption through validation reports, backtest simulations, model portfolios, and smart data feeds.

Lucena’s platform is a suite of data science and machine learning modules made available via an intuitive and accessible interface. Users can automate the assessment and deployment of big data for their own investment style and mandate. In addition, the Data Analytics Suite produces comprehensive assessment reports and empirically validates the data signals historically and perpetually into the future.

″We are very excited to welcome Wall Street Horizon into our selective data vendors partners. Institutional investors can consume Wall Street Horizon’s data confidently knowing it has been thoroughly validated by our trusted, unbiased data scientists and quants. Furthermore, our research uncovered hard to find short signals entries well before they were neutralized by the broad market,″ said Erez Katz, co-founder and CEO of Lucena Research.

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