Higgs & Johnson celebrates 10 years on Cayman


Higgs & Johnson celebrates 10 years on Cayman

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Higgs & Johnson is celebrating 10 years of service in the Cayman Islands.

The Grand Cayman office is a full service legal practice with expertise in mutual funds, offshore investment vehicles, insolvency, civil litigation and real estate.

In 2009, the well established Caymanian law practice of Truman Bodden & Company merged with Higgs & Johnson of The Bahamas, signalling the entry of Higgs & Johnson to the Cayman Islands.

Global managing director, Oscar Johnson, Jr. noted: “As the first Bahamian law firm to expand outside of The Bahamas, we are very proud to celebrate our ten year anniversary in the Cayman Islands. Over the last decade, our attorneys have earned the position as trusted advisors to leading edge domestic companies and some of the world’s most respected corporations and individuals. As we look to the next 10 years and beyond, we aim to adhere to our philosophy of delivering measurable value for our clients, and helping them achieve their business and personal goals.”

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