Dillon Eustace sponsors legal bursary


Dillon Eustace, the Irish and Cayman financial services law firm, is working in conjunction with the Truman Bodden Law School of the Cayman Islands to introduce its new initiative, the Dillon Eustace Travel Bursary Award.

The initiative follows the expansion of Dillon Eustace expertise into the Cayman Islands and the firm said it reflects its commitment to promote international excellence within the jurisdiction.

Each year, the initiative will provide funding for a law student of the Truman Bodden Law School to spend three months over the summer in its Dublin office. The student will be given the opportunity to work with and learn from an experienced team of financial lawyers as well as gaining exposure to an international client base.

As part of our commitment to developing and encouraging local legal talent, we are pleased to be introducing this travel bursary and to be working so closely with the Truman Bodden Law School to do so,” said Lorcan Tiernan, partner with Dillon Eustace and lead partner for the firm’s initiative in Cayman. “Our ideal candidate would be someone who has a track record of academic achievement and an interest in international finance and who will come in and make the most out of the experience.”

Dillon Eustace opened its Cayman office in April 2012. It was the first European Union legal firm to establish a fully-serviced practice on the islands. The initiative starts immediately with the first student who wins the award travelling to its Dublin office in Summer 2014.

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