Deadline for beneficial ownership filings extended


The Ministry of Financial Services has advised that the deadline for beneficial ownership (BO) filings has been further extended to 15 May, with submissions needing to capture the new legal definition for BO.

BO filings, previously due on Monday, 20 April, can be submitted electronically via the CAP system.

The timing of the filings is in line with the new definition of a beneficial owner in the Companies Law and the Limited Liability Companies Law coming into effect on 15 May. Instead of “more than 25%” of the shares or voting rights in a company, a beneficial owner will be an entity with “twenty-five per cent or more” of the shares or voting rights in a company.

As a result, entities and corporate service providers are reminded to update their internal protocols to account for the new parameters.

Ministry of Financial Services, Beneficial ownership, CAP system, Cayman Islands

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