Common Reporting Standard guidance notes are revised


The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority has issued a revised version of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Guidance Notes including the list of jurisdictions that are to be treated by the Cayman Islands as CRS "Reportable Jurisdictions".

This supersedes the notice published 31 March 2017, which means that Jersey has been added as a 2017 Reportable Jurisdiction, bringing the total to the 48.

Reportable Jurisdictions are those with which the Cayman Islands will share the information it collects under the CRS. Reporting Financial Institutions are only required to report information to the TIA in relation to Reportable Accounts held by individuals or entities (or, in certain circumstances, with controlling persons) that are tax resident in one or more of these Reportable Jurisdictions (or to submit "nil returns" for Reportable Jurisdictions with no Reportable Accounts).

There is also a new provisional list of 2018 Reportable Jurisdictions and an updated list of 100 jurisdictions to be treated as "Participating Jurisdictions" for the purposes of the CRS as implemented in the Cayman Islands. Information is not shared by the Cayman Islands with Participating Jurisdictions.

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