Cayman Finance launches online learning portal


Cayman Finance has launched an online learning portal designed to help ensure accurate information is known and shared about the jurisdiction.

The “Industry Ambassador Programme” primarily targets the 7,000 people working in the Cayman Islands financial services industry to equip them with the knowledge required to champion the benefits of using the jurisdiction as a leading place to do business.

The programme features four e-learning modules to be released in two-week intervals. The modules are: an overview of the Cayman Islands financial services industry; the role of the Cayman Islands financial services industry to the local economy; the role of the Cayman Islands financial services industry to the global economy; and what a tax haven is and why Cayman does not meet that definition

“As we continue to promote the Cayman Islands as a premier global financial hub, we will be proactive in dispelling myths and ensuring we are informing the public both locally and globally that we are a well-regulated and highly reputable jurisdiction that meets the highest global standards,” said Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott.

Registration is free and although mainly geared towards employees of Cayman Finance members, the programme is open to any member of the public. “Given that the success of the industry is vital to the overall success of the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction, we thought it best to invite not only the employees of our member firms, but all residents of the Cayman Islands to participate in the programme in order to be the best possible ambassadors for the industry and the jurisdiction.”

Participants will be given a percentage grade for each module, and an overall percentage grade at the end of the programme. As an incentive for participation, employees of Cayman Finance member firms have a chance to win a five-day Caribbean cruise. Other Cayman Islands residents can win a staycation for two nights at a local hotel. To be eligible for prizes, participants must achieve an average pass mark of 80% or higher.

This is expected to be the first of many uses of the online platform, including plans for Cayman Finance members to be able to utilize it for orientation for new employees.

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