Cayman Finance completes two week promotional tour in Europe


Jude Scott, the CEO of Cayman Finance, completed a PR exercise in November designed to remind some key people in Europe of what he called the essential role Cayman Islands fulfils as a global financial hub connecting providers of investment capital and financing.

Scott embarked on the two week visit to Europe to promote the Cayman Islands financial services industry and its role within Europe, the UK and the global financial economy.

Scott’s visit coincided with the Joint Ministerial Council meetings held in London, as well as an EU debate about a potential new tax blacklist.

“The Cayman Islands has an excellent story to tell, it’s important we remind key stakeholders of our essential role as a premier global financial hub efficiently connecting law abiding users and providers of investment capital and financing around the world, benefiting developed and developing countries,” Scott said.

“Government, industry and media stakeholders in Europe play critical roles in creating the rules and perceptions that impact our industry and jurisdiction. Cayman Finance organised this trip to help them further understand how we facilitate international trade and investment while adhering to the highest international good governance standards.”

Scott met with various representatives of the UK government to discuss the role the Cayman Islands financial services industry plays as an extender of value to the UK economy as it considers its options under Brexit.

He outlined how the Cayman Islands is well positioned to provide liquidity and inward investment into the UK to support its economy through the Brexit process.

The meetings also focused on how Cayman Finance and the Cayman Islands Government work cooperatively to develop innovative and effectively regulated new products and services that benefit developed and developing countries.

Meetings with industry advocacy groups such as British Bankers Association, IFC Forum and Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), were also included.

In addition, Cayman Finance hosted an industry breakfast briefing attended by the Cayman Islands Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton and London-based representatives of Cayman’s financial services industry.

“By working with allied organisations in key centres like London and Milan, we can expand the reach of our industry to positively shape the opinions, laws and regulations that impact our jurisdiction,” Scott said.

“We have strong relationships with industry leaders in London and are constantly working to expand that network in the UK and across Europe.

“Our successful visit to Milan included visits with lawyers working in the financial services industry, as well as key Italian financial services media,” Scott continued.

Scott participated in media interviews covering three major markets in London, Milan and Brussels, including a live appearance on BBC World’s Business Edition, and the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

“For too long we have allowed inaccurate perceptions about the Cayman Islands among international media outlets to define us in ways that fail to account for our role as a transparent jurisdiction and a leader in implementing good governance global standards,” Scott said.

“Cayman Finance is engaging with leading international media outlets directly to ensure coverage reflects a more accurate view of our jurisdiction, including Cayman’s recent inclusion on the Italian ‘white list’ for financial services.”

“We’re proud of the role the Cayman Islands financial services industry plays in making a significant contribution to the global economy as well as domestically. This trip was a continuation of our efforts to tell the positive story of that role to key influencers around the world,” Scott concluded.

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