Azabu Value Partners launches new fund


Azabu Value Partners (Cayman) has launched a new Japan-focused fundamental equity long/short strategy under the umbrella of Rogers Investment Advisors KK.

The Azabu Value Master Fund is managed by June-Yon Kim and Oleg Zuravljov, former Fidelity Japan colleagues with nearly four decades of combined experience in Japanese equities.

Michael O’Flynn, head of Business Development and managing director of Azabu Value Partners (Cayman), is the general partner of The Fund.

The Fund employs a fundamental bottom-up strategy, investing in Japanese larger capitalization stocks. The strategy is enhanced by a derivative overlay and seeks to deliver returns not correlated with the underlying market.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are to serve as prime brokers of the Fund. Operations and risk management functions are provided by the Rogers Investment Advisors platform in Tokyo.

“We believe that our approach, focusing on fundamental bottom-up research enhanced by a top-down assessment of the macroeconomic and market cycles, allows us to take advantage of the significant dispersion of equity returns typical for Japan and to achieve consistent absolute returns regardless of the general direction of the Japanese equity market,” said Kim.

Zuravljov added: “Japan is probably the most cyclical developed market in the world. Fundamental stock pickers in Japan often ignore this powerful phenomenon. We believe that looking at individual stocks through the prism of macroeconomic cyclicality creates exceptional opportunities and reduces risk.”

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