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People, price and technology: narrowing the search

United States03-03-2016

Whether you are an emerging manager, an established manager looking to grow or a large manager looking for greater efficiencies, today’s landscape of fund administrators offers many sound options. Michael Von Bevern, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, summarises the important factors.

Gearing up for winding down


When a fund approaches its end, it makes sense to ensure that it is being operated in the optimal way. Michelle Morgan and Christopher Bodden of Harbour explain the options.

A decade of independent governance


The Cayman Islands has successfully navigated a raft of almost constant regulatory change in the past decade. Geoff Ruddick at International Management Services spoke to Cayman Funds about the biggest changes in the environment and some of the challenges that remain.

Hello from the other side

02-03-2016Mergers & Acquisitions

Monette Windsor, managing director of MUFG Alternative Fund Services (Cayman), describes some of what happened when her previous company was acquired late last year and what others can expect when such a transaction takes place.

Talent, tax and more change


Cayman Funds magazine, in association with EY, invited a cross section of executives from government and the private sector to discuss the health of the funds industry in Cayman, the effect of more regulatory change and new initiatives and the changing diversity and talent in the sector.

The outlook remains positive


The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and the government of the Cayman Islands have continued to act prudently with appropriate legislation, internal reforms and technological enhancements to business processes to ensure the vitality of the funds sector, as Cindy Scotland, the authority’s managing director, reports.

Healthy, stable, and responsible


As part of its strong core approach, Cayman recognises that innovative legislation and regulatory compliance is its muscle, and staying abreast of investor trends is its lifeblood, says Wayne Panton, Minister for Financial Services, Commerce and Environment.

A new focus for 100 Women in Hedge Funds


Two years since it was formed, the Cayman chapter of 100 Women in Hedge Funds is going from strength to strength. Membership numbers are hitting record levels, it has exceeded expectations in terms of education and philanthropy, and will formally incorporate peer leverage into its programme for 2015.

The first decade and beyond


Hedge Funds Care Cayman has done a lot of good work since it was formed 10 years ago. Here, a number of those closely involved with the charity describe its achievements and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

The impact of a public register


The plan floated by the UK government to introduce a centralised and public register of beneficial ownership for UK companies, while encouraging its overseas territories and crown dependencies to do the same, is a sensitive issue with wide implications, as Sharon Williams from U.S. Bancorp Fund Services explains.

Showing 91 to 100 of 176 results

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