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Grappling with change

Cayman Islands12-05-2020Investment funds

The EU’s economic substance requirements, amendments to the Securities Investment Business Law and fundamental changes in the way fees are being calculated are just some of the challenges facing Cayman’s investment managers and advisors. Mark Fagan of Highwater gives Cayman Funds his take on the implications.

Tax Neutrality and Liquidity in a Time of Crisis

Cayman Islands12-05-2020

In a crisis global policymakers often focus their attention onto tax-neutral global financial hubs, which they accuse of enabling tax abuses. In fact, such jurisdictions have transparent and fair tax systems, and offer vital liquidity for financial markets, as Cayman Finance’s Jude Scott describes.

Closed-ended funds to be regulated

Cayman Islands12-05-2020

In 2020 the Cayman Islands is launching registration requirements for closed-ended funds with the CIMA, through the introduction of the Private Funds Law. Andrew Linford, chair of the communications committee at AIMA Cayman, reports on the details.

Keep up! How to cope with regulatory change

Cayman Islands11-05-2020

Fund managers have plenty of issues to keep abreast of, but few provide such a consistent challenge as keeping up with the rapid rate of regulatory change. Service providers, and in particular independent directors, can help, says James Macfee at International Management Services.

A new era for private and limited investor funds

Cayman Islands11-05-2020Investment funds

Two pieces of legislation have been introduced in a push to keep the Cayman Islands investment funds regime at the forefront of international best practice. Under both laws, previously unregulated entities will now be brought into the regulatory framework, as Anne-Marie Leadbetter and Kevin Huys of Harbour explain.

Steadfast in troubled times

Cayman Islands11-05-2020

Recent statistics show that the number of funds based in Cayman has remained steady in recent years, a clear demonstration of the Cayman Islands’ continued prominent position as an important global financial services centre, according to Cindy Scotland of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Compliant, responsive and resilient

Cayman Islands11-05-2020

Purposefully and methodically over many decades, the Cayman Islands has built a financial services industry, and in particular a funds sector, that is globally compliant, commercially responsive, and resilient, says the Honourable Tara Rivers, JP, MLA, Minister for Financial Services and Home Affairs.

The past, the present & the possibilities

Europe, Global, UK, US10-05-2019

With new co-chairs, a new brand and a new name, the Cayman location of the organisation now known as 100 Women in Finance is celebrating a very successful past year and looking forward to an even more successful 2017, says Michelle Morgan, chair of the Communications Committee of the 100WF Cayman location.

When only the best will do

Cayman Islands10-05-2019Investment funds

Following careful due diligence and best selection practices when choosing a fund administrator is most likely to result in a good partnership, says Bob Kern of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services.

Cryptocurrency: cybersecurity and the operational risks

Cayman Islands10-05-2019

The regulatory environment and the operational and security risks are vitally important considerations when investing in cryptocurrencies. Alex Bodden, Jay Schulman and Todd Briggs of RSM explain the key things that investors and others involved in this sector must look out for.

Showing 11 to 20 of 176 results

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