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A key link between government and industry

Cayman Islands13-05-2020

The Cayman Islands Directors Association plays an increasingly important role liaising between government, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and industry, helping advise on new regulations and educate members about changes. Cassandra Powell, its president, shares its 2019 highlights and 2020 plans.

Celebrating collective success

Cayman Islands10-05-2019

The Cayman Islands holds a leadership position in the funds sector—but to maintain this will require adaptability and innovation, says The Honourable Tara Rivers, JP, MLA, Minister for Financial Services and Home Affairs.

Cayman funds roundtable: where are we now?


The Cayman Islands funds industry remains in good health, but there are still challenges that must be faced. Cayman Funds invited industry leaders to Ernst & Young’s offices on the Island to discuss the major issues.

Ernst & Young Annual Hedge Fund Symposium: global leaders survey the industry


Ernst & Young’s Annual Hedge Fund Symposium in the Cayman Islands provided lively discussion on key issues affecting the industry.

Incentives for insurers


Richard Munday examines how international businesses are domiciling in Cayman to take advantage of the light-touch regulation, tax-neutral jurisdiction and mature information and communications technology infrastructure.

Custody: an essential component of Cayman’s funds offering


With the global funds landscape continuing to shift, it is reassuring that the Cayman Islands can still attract high-quality alternative funds business, says Dan Peterson.

Strength and stability


As the global financial markets experience a stop-start recovery from the crisis of 2008, the Cayman Islands financial services industry continues to demonstrate the importance of access to stable and reliable service providers.

Cayman: a jurisdiction of choice for custody services


The provision of a locally available custody service in Cayman, backed by a global banking organisation, is an attractive proposition for financial intermediaries, says Dan L. Peterson.

Showing 1 to 10 of 18 results

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